Mega Power Systems, established in the year 2013 in the field of electrical installations, maintenance, and Networking services. The company specializes in all aspects, with the capability to take on almost any client requirement.


The purpose of Mega Power Systems is to serve its clients in most excellent and prominent way. We are dedicated to finding the best solution to fit the customer’s needs by providing the best in customer service. Company offering a wide range of specialist skill and experience in almost all the well known of power system devices. Meeting our customers’ needs is a top priority. Achieving that and saving the environment is a distinction in which we can all take pride.

Mega Power Systems has enviable experience technicians for quality electrical installations, maintenance services, and Networking Services. The company specializes in all aspects of electrical & Networking Services, with the capability to take on almost any client requirement. We can build a clean power system to meet almost any environment, from building envelope to completed systems with guaranteed performance, total quality control, and project management.

Mega Power Systems management will implement regular expansion programs to modernize the operation embracing the changing technology in the electrical industry in an endeavor to maintain the market edge required to ensure the company’s success.